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Frequently Asked Questions

You've probably got questions, and that's completely normal! Check out some of our frequently asked questions below. If you don't see your question listed here, contact us and we'll address your questions directly.

What makes ROYDAN different from other debt collection software providers?

We thrive on doing things differently than the other providers out there! Here are just a few ways we set ourselves apart:

How much does your software cost?

Our pricing is based on which specific features you need. During the discovery process, we'll discuss your company's unique workflow, needs, and goals, and recommend the solutions that we believe will provide the most benefit for your agency.

Do you have a demo or trial version of the software?

The short answer is no. Our software is designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of each customer. For that reason, we prefer to provide you with an in-depth demo personalized to your agency.

Isn't your software best suited for smaller agencies?

Actually, our Bloodhound® software offers the scalability to fit virtually any size collection agency. Our customers range in size from 1 to hundreds of users.

If I choose your hosted solution, who owns my data?

You do! Think of it like renting a storage unit. You still own whatever you put inside the rented space. With our hosted service, your data is stored on servers at our hosting company, but you still own the data.

Do you support an on-site installation model?

Of course! We have flexible ownership plans to accommodate this business model, and will work with you to plan and implement the software on your server.

Do I need separate modules for different types of collections?

Not at all—Bloodhound's flexible design can accommodate all types of debt collection without the need for separate modules.

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