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Encore is Roydan's new omni-channel communication platform. The Encore platform includes Encore Voice, our new technology for message campaigns and voice campaigns that's fully integrated with our Bloodhound® collection system.

Message Campaigns Made Easy

Encore Message Campaigns allow you to call a group of consumers and leave a pre-recorded message without taking up your collectors' time. If desired, an outbound call that is answered by the consumer can be routed to a collector for follow up. Messages can be delivered via text-to-speech functionality, with the option to insert a variable such as the person's name.

Best of all, unlike message campaigns you may have run in the past, there are no uploads or downloads needed. Everything is happening live in the collection system, which is instantly updated with call results.

Increase Live Contacts with Encore Voice Campaigns

With Encore Voice Campaigns, the system will call consumers based on your desired timing and priority to ensure that only live calls are delivered to collectors. Common call results such as busy signals and no answers are handled by the system using your pre-determined workflow.

All call attempts are logged to the consumer's file. Call recordings are instantly available to view or download, based on user permissions. Agents can easily start and stop recording a call if you allow that option. For compliance purposes, recording is automatically paused when entering payment information.

Inbound Call Routing That Makes Sense

Encore uses a new approach to link agent capabilities, system information, and decision management to route calls to the best agent available to receive a specific inbound call. Calls can be routed based on knowledge or capabilities of the agent, such as the ability to speak a foreign language or experience handling a specific client's accounts.

Manage Campaigns in Real Time

Encore's dashboards and monitoring capabilities allow your management team to see campaign information as it's happening in real time. They also have the option to join an active collection call if needed, either to "whisper" to the collector without the consumer hearing, or to take control of the call and speak directly to the consumer.

Boost Your Call Volume