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Data Exchange

Data Exchange is our file transformation tool that allows you to build, monitor, and maintain file solutions for your clients or other third parties. You can easily accept new accounts or payments from your client in whatever format they provide, and process them into the collection system without staff intervention.

Technology That Works For You

Data Exchange uses a state-of-the-art ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool to take raw data in almost any format and transform it into a file that can be easily loaded into your Bloodhound® collection system. Roydan can build these solutions for you, freeing up your internal staff to focus on collecting instead of manipulating and loading files. For agencies with their own IT staff, a "power user" license allows you to design solutions yourself using the Data Exchange tool.

Automation Is Your Best Friend

The system can monitor a data source such as an FTP site and automatically process the file when it becomes available. Solutions can also be scheduled to run at specific dates and times, or on a recurring basis.

Rest Easy

Roydan monitors solutions for errors and failed executions, including things like format changes and records that were not processed. With monitoring to ensure records are processed successfully, Data Exchange can help you meet client SLAs. Data Exchange solutions will continue to run even if one of oyur internal systems goes down, or a key resource at your company is not available.

Automate Your Business