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Our ClientConnect web portal is the tool you need to strengthen relationships with your clients and help attract new business. Let your clients manage their business online in real-time when it’s convenient for them.

Whether you’ve never considered a web portal before or you’ve used one in the past, here’s why ours is better than anything else you’ll see.

It's Real-Time

That's not just a buzzword. Our ClientConnect portal is designed by us to be tightly integrated with our Bloodhound® collection system in real-time. What does that mean? It means if your client reports a payment to you through the portal, your system is updated instantly. You don’t have to worry that the consumer might still get called that day, because the payment was recorded immediately and they were removed from the call queue. It means if your client uploads a document or sends a message, someone in your office gets notified right away. You don’t have to worry about uploading or downloading information to a third-party site that will only delay reporting of information.

It's Secure

Access is permissions-based, and you control what your clients can see and do on the site. ClientConnect can improve your compliance by providing a secure way to transfer files between you and your clients or share reports that contain sensitive information, rather than sending these things over unsecure email.

It’ll Give You an Edge Over Competitors

ClientConnect can be a great sales tool for your agency because it provides instant access to the information your clients want. They can enter new accounts, send files, report payments, make adjustments, and run reports. If they need to contact you, they can do that right through the portal and someone in your office can be notified instantly. They have access to their information when it's convenient for them, even outside of normal business hours.

You Can Make It Your Own

We provide a standard template that's easy to update. You can modify the design as much or as little as you want—keep it simple and personalize it with your logo, or brand it to match your company's website.

Make Your Clients Happy