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Account Advantage

Wish there were an easier way to collect? Our new Account Advantage consumer portal lets consumers view their accounts and make payments online without having to talk to a collector. Increase your collections while freeing up your staff to work the more difficult accounts.

You're In Control

You have full control over the design and functionality of the website so you can personalize it to meet your agency's specific needs. Access to the Account Advantage site is permissions-based, so you control what the consumer is allowed to see and do on the site. You can even control which accounts appear on the site for consumers to view and pay.

You'll Know Right Away When a Payment is Made

The Account Advantage portal is fully integrated with our Bloodhound® collection software, which means any activity that happens on the site is logged and updated in the collection system as soon as it happens. If a consumer was scheduled to be called that day and just made a payment, they are instantly removed from the call queue. You can configure the system to automatically notify your staff when a consumer logs in or makes a payment, or have Bloodhound kick off additional workflow steps based on the consumer's online activity.

You Won't Believe How Easy It Is

Consumers can register their own user name and password based on your desired preset criteria/complexity. This gives them a secure, discreet way to satisfy their debt without the embarrassment of talking to a collector, and also provides the modern pay-online functionality that today's consumers expect.

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