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Our CallCommand dialing products are designed to complement your daily collection activities by allowing you to make more quality calls in less time. The CallCommand suite of products includes a VOIP phone solution, CallCommand Message Dialing, and CallCommand Predictive Dialing.

Get the Word Out with CallCommand Message Dialing

Our Message Dialing feature enables you to call a large volume of consumers and—if desired—leave messages without taking up collectors' time. It can be a great way to increase your inbound call volume, and you can give consumers the option to press a key to connect with a collector during business hours.

Increase Live Contacts with CallCommand Predictive Dialing

Do you wish your collectors spent more time on live calls? CallCommand Predictive Dialing dramatically increases the number of consumers you can contact per day by allowing more productive calls in less time.

Save on Phone Costs with CallCommand VOIP Powered by Jive

A hosted VOIP (voice over IP) phone system can offer competitive rates and the power of enterprise-level technology without a significant capital investment. We partner with Jive Communication to provide you with all of the rich phone features you'd expect at a fraction of the cost. A simple drag-and-drop editor makes managing the system easy and intuitive.

We find the service is so reliable and easy to use that we run our own phone system on the Jive platform!

Below are just a handful of the common phone features our Jive interface offers:

Boost Your Call Volume