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The heart of our product suite is our Bloodhound® debt collection software. It's instinctively easy-to-use, yet robust enough to handle the operations of any size agency.

Our additional products like ClientConnect, ViewPoint, Account Advantage, and CallCommand dialing services are designed to be fully integrated with Bloodhound. What does that mean? They're designed by us to work together seamlessly in real-time. There are no uploads or downloads to slow things down or introduce room for errors.

You can know right away when a payment was made. You can monitor dialing campaigns as they happen. You can have confidence that your staff and the system itself are always acting on the latest, most up-to-date information.

The ROYDAN Product Suite
collection system
dialing solutions
client portal
reporting solution
Account Advantage
consumer portal
Data Exchange
file transformation


This dog really will become your best friend! Our Bloodhound® debt collection software is designed to keep collectors focused on collecting while providing the tools you need to manage your business and ensure your clients are satisfied.


Our ClientConnect web portal is the tool you need to strengthen relationships with your clients and help attract new business. Let your clients manage their business online in real-time when it’s convenient for them.


For agencies looking for enhanced reporting options, our ViewPoint reporting solution offers the tools you need to produce exceptional reports that will exceed your clients’ expectations.

Account Advantage

Wish there were an easier way to collect? Our new Account Advantage consumer portal lets consumers view their accounts and make payments online without having to talk to a collector. Increase your collections while freeing up your staff to work the more difficult accounts.


Our CallCommand dialing products are designed to complement your daily collection activities by allowing you to make more quality calls in less time. The CallCommand suite of products includes a VOIP phone solution, CallCommand Message Dialing, and CallCommand Predictive Dialing.