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Megan Manis Promoted to Chief Customer Officer

At Roydan, we are constantly evolving to meet our customer’s needs. We work tirelessly to ensure they not only receive the best debt collection software, but also the very best service and support. With that in mind, we are excited to announce the promotion of Megan Manis from Vice President of Sales & Marketing to Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

Megan, who has been with Roydan since 2012, began her tenure with our organization as the Sales and Marketing Manager. In 2015, she was not only promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing, but she also became part owner of Roydan, helping to ensure consistency within our sales and marketing efforts.

Her new role will put a more accurate title to many of the high-level responsibilities Megan is already undertaking with regard to our customers’ experience. In this position, she will continue to provide them with the high quality support and service to which they are accustomed.

“Many of our customers know Megan because she has been with them from the beginning—from being a prospect to becoming a valued customer,” notes Dan Hornung, Roydan’s President. “Roydan’s focus always needs to be concentrated on customer needs as our company and industry evolve. Megan’s new role allows us to articulate this commitment by unifying our sales process, on-boarding, and support experience. I believe she is the perfect choice, and will be directly responsible for the continued success of our valued customers,” he adds.

In the end, Megan’s new role will continue to enhance the customer experience by streamlining processes. We look ahead with great anticipation to the many benefits this change will have for our valued customers.